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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Childhood Anime #3

9) Himitsu No Hanazono no (Eng: The Secret Garden) (Ar: الحديقة السرية) pub: (1991)

It is about a little girl named Mary that moves to her uncle's mansion. There she befriends a servant boy and his older sister. She later on befriends her crippled and arrogant cousin cole (collin) and trys to help him recover. Those kids discover the secret garden and try to liven it up again and discover the secrets that had occurred between its walls.

The three main characters

10) Sailor moon (1995)

Now, I never watched this in Arabic  In fact I watched this in Canada, but since I was under the age of ten, it was part of my childhood. I never had the chance to watch more than several episodes, but I still loved it, though I would never watch it again due to it being so boring. I had colouring books of Sailor moon and an action figure of sailor Neptune  I think this anime taught me what a lesbian was and the word "tiara".
It was about a girl, sailor moon  who was also some form of superhero. She had joined with other women to protect the earth. Or at least that's what I understood. They had to disguise themselves though, like every other superhero out there.

11) Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden (Ar: بيدابول) pub: 1998

It was about B-da people who, were in another world and as most anime, fought the evil guys! Their way of fighting was to shoot B-da balls from their stomachs out to the enemy. I'm not sure how this was in Japanese or English, but in Arabic the main character's names were based on their colour. Red was hamraa, white was abyad, and black was aswad. Typically again, black used to be the evil, emo, angst, cool guy who eventually joins the good side.

I think I used to watch it for the sake of the really fun arabic theme song. My favorite thing about arabic dubs, to this day, is the creative theme songs they recreate.

Doraemon (Ar: عبقور) Pub: 1973

Now, this is a pretty famous anime worldwide. It is about a cat from the future who visits our boy protagonist (on the far left of the pic below) to warn him about the debt he will inherit to his grandchildren due to his behavior.  This cat, of course, is no ordinary cat. It is a cat with a magical pouch, anything can be pulled out of that thing. The cat, doraemon, helps the little boy overcome certain bad habits, escape trouble, and or face his problems. Very educational, though I think I was too young to really remember much of it all.

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