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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Heart is Beating (Manhwa)

This lovely manhwa (korean comic) is actually a webtoon! Webtoons are coloured really lengthy manhwas. You just keep scrolling down forever instead of clicking for the next page, so I love that.

This manhwa is about a boy (Sugu) who has a fascination, no, an obsession with swimsuits. It isn't a fetish, it's just a hobby.
While spying on the women in the school swimming pool, the coach of the female water polo team spots him. The coach then black mails Sugu into joining the team as a girl in order to complete the minimum amount of team members required for his team. Of course, no one in the team knows that he is a boy and
with this, our story begins.

You see, the main character is also being pressured by his dad, the vice principal, into being the top student in class.

one page from the webtoon My Heart is Beating
 This drama is basically about the suffocation the main character feels, and how he will have to confront his problems instead of avoiding them.
That's not all though; as he starts to build a relationship with his water polo team mates, he starts to learn a little bit about each one of them. This also helps him to learn more about himself.

This manhwa is pretty good, it's main genres are gender bender, drama, comedy, sports, and school life.

The female water polo team
Can you guess which one is Sugu? 

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