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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Heart is Beating (Manhwa)

This lovely manhwa (korean comic) is actually a webtoon! Webtoons are coloured really lengthy manhwas. You just keep scrolling down forever instead of clicking for the next page, so I love that.

This manhwa is about a boy (Sugu) who has a fascination, no, an obsession with swimsuits. It isn't a fetish, it's just a hobby.
While spying on the women in the school swimming pool, the coach of the female water polo team spots him. The coach then black mails Sugu into joining the team as a girl in order to complete the minimum amount of team members required for his team. Of course, no one in the team knows that he is a boy and
with this, our story begins.

You see, the main character is also being pressured by his dad, the vice principal, into being the top student in class.

one page from the webtoon My Heart is Beating
 This drama is basically about the suffocation the main character feels, and how he will have to confront his problems instead of avoiding them.
That's not all though; as he starts to build a relationship with his water polo team mates, he starts to learn a little bit about each one of them. This also helps him to learn more about himself.

This manhwa is pretty good, it's main genres are gender bender, drama, comedy, sports, and school life.

The female water polo team
Can you guess which one is Sugu? 

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Mirrai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is an anime that makes no sense. I'm being honest here, I've kept hearing about the pink haired yandere, Yuno Gasai, and I wasn't really interested. However, after coming across the abridged series of Mirai Nikki, I felt like I should know the real thing before I spoil it on the funny one.

To say the least, it makes zero sense.
It's a game, a survival game to "gods" throne. You see, apparently "god" is dying and needs a successor, so he makes up a game that involves 12 random people where the last one standing wins his throne.
Each player gets a little diary that predicts a certain future. With that, they are able to escape, or kill, or know how to manipulate their future to survive. To win the game, you destroy the other diaries. Pretty simple really, until you notice that many people don't destroy each other when they had the chance to do it at least 10 times.

First: the protagonist. He's a 14 year old pussy, I hate using that word, but he really stayed true to the very end to the fact that he's a big wuss. I liked that at first, he made things realistic. I mean, won't you be scared if people were trying to kill you? He, however, is scared and irrational at the same time. It bothered me a bit. but what really pissed me off was that in the end, just like almost every anime, the main guy is the hero that eventually saves the day. No, I really still don't understand how in God's name he pulled it off. Like I said, it makes no sense. His diary is the random diary.
Yukki Amano
Second: The pink haired yandere that
made this anime famous. She's a stalker! Not the funny stalker you see in anime, but the stalker that you will freak about in real life. She's possessive, obsessive and insane on the inside yet holds a sweet face on the outside. That's why the word "yandere" fits her perfectly. She's also 14 and a classmate of Yukki! Her diary tells her everything Yuki is doing! Creepy? you don't know the half of it.
Second: Yuno Gasai

Third: A seriel killer. Yeah, I don't even remember him talking in the whole show. He has the assassin diary.

  Fourth: Detective Kuruse?  No, I'm not sure of his name, but he is the chief detective. He isn't really interested in being a "god", much like most of the people. He has the investigator diary.


Fifth: I don't know his name either, but he's a little five year old genius that is almost as insane as Yuno! Everything he does in this show makes little sense, even for a genius. The fact that he accessed all these weapons is beyond me. He has a coloring book diary!

      Sixth: A little girl that is also the leader of a cult. She has poor vision, and has lived her entire life imprisoned in a temple as some sort of prophecy. her diary is written in a scroll.

Seventh: are actually two people! They're lovers!
They have the exchange diaries which allows them to see each other's future.


Eighth: Not much is known about her other than she runs an orphanage. She's one of those characters that don't make sense. She's always standing with her arms spread to the sides and just....look how much she resembles the white dough boy from bakery commercials!


ninth: one of the best characters in the show. She's a terrorist, quite literally. She goes around murdering people effortlessly and wants to become a god to make the world better. Perhaps you can say she's the anti-hero?
She has the escape diary, it tells her where she can hide and run to. She is the only realistic person in the show, yet, she had so many opportunities to kill first and second that it was just sad to watch her lose these chances.

ninth: Minene Uryuu
Tenth: A guy that was more in love with his dogs than his family. He had the breeder diary and didn't really show up much in the show. He even used his own daughter to do the killing for him.

eleventh: one of the only guys I didn't sympathize with at all. He was the one just a little smarter than most and his diary was the all seeing or so. He actually had access to peek into other diaries!
 Twelfth: This guy is actually one of my favorites. I don't know why his background wasn't revealed. especially since he has a strange fixation on attaining justice! His diary was a recorder because he was practically blind. He dressed up and acted based on all mighty justice and righteousness!
Twelfth: Is so FABULOUS!
Of course there are more characters such as Yukki's insane parents the "god", murmur ( "god's" servant) and amazing friends and lovers!

What's sad about this is that almost every character is fucked in the head due to some sort of childhood trauma, or seriously occurring problem. Rape, neglect, war, child abuse, abandonment. Most of them have sob stories.

That aside, here's a little funny photo that fits Yuno and Yukki's relationship pretty well:

I need to go back to studying now, pray for me,

My Childhood Anime #3

9) Himitsu No Hanazono no (Eng: The Secret Garden) (Ar: الحديقة السرية) pub: (1991)

It is about a little girl named Mary that moves to her uncle's mansion. There she befriends a servant boy and his older sister. She later on befriends her crippled and arrogant cousin cole (collin) and trys to help him recover. Those kids discover the secret garden and try to liven it up again and discover the secrets that had occurred between its walls.

The three main characters

10) Sailor moon (1995)

Now, I never watched this in Arabic  In fact I watched this in Canada, but since I was under the age of ten, it was part of my childhood. I never had the chance to watch more than several episodes, but I still loved it, though I would never watch it again due to it being so boring. I had colouring books of Sailor moon and an action figure of sailor Neptune  I think this anime taught me what a lesbian was and the word "tiara".
It was about a girl, sailor moon  who was also some form of superhero. She had joined with other women to protect the earth. Or at least that's what I understood. They had to disguise themselves though, like every other superhero out there.

11) Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden (Ar: بيدابول) pub: 1998

It was about B-da people who, were in another world and as most anime, fought the evil guys! Their way of fighting was to shoot B-da balls from their stomachs out to the enemy. I'm not sure how this was in Japanese or English, but in Arabic the main character's names were based on their colour. Red was hamraa, white was abyad, and black was aswad. Typically again, black used to be the evil, emo, angst, cool guy who eventually joins the good side.

I think I used to watch it for the sake of the really fun arabic theme song. My favorite thing about arabic dubs, to this day, is the creative theme songs they recreate.

Doraemon (Ar: عبقور) Pub: 1973

Now, this is a pretty famous anime worldwide. It is about a cat from the future who visits our boy protagonist (on the far left of the pic below) to warn him about the debt he will inherit to his grandchildren due to his behavior.  This cat, of course, is no ordinary cat. It is a cat with a magical pouch, anything can be pulled out of that thing. The cat, doraemon, helps the little boy overcome certain bad habits, escape trouble, and or face his problems. Very educational, though I think I was too young to really remember much of it all.

My Childhood Anime #2

I can't believe they have put three of my childhood animes on spacetoon. Why after midnight though? The nostalgia is bringing tears to my eyes.

First, Digimon (Ar: ابطال الديجيتال) was on. (1999)
It was the first season. I always thought it was somewhat similar to Pokemon.  It's about a group of kids who travel to another dimension. They possess little monsters and gadgets, who later upgrade throughout the series.

Second, was Tico of the Seven Seas (Ar: اسرار المحيط) h (1994)
Which is an anime about a young girl who is journeying with her dad and some friends on a boat, though now that I think about it, it was probably for scientific research or something. One of her friends is a killer whale. That anime taught me how whales give birth. I suppose that was a spoiler?

Now, the channel is playing the animated version of the Sound of Music called Trapp Family Story (Ar: لحن الحياة) published in (1991).
I loved that show! It's epic, somehow more so than the movie. I was just talking about it to Dana too. Oh, if only she didn't have school tomorrow. I would've dragged her out of her bed to watch with me!

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My Childhood Anime

I have grew up on watching anime and I just might never forget them, so here's a little list of the old and perhaps unknown or forgotten anime:

 Akachan to Boku (Eng: Baby and Me/ Ar: ana wa akhi) (1996)

One of my favorite childhood animes is Akachan to Boku. This anime is basically about a boy who looks after his little brother. This anime focuses on the older brother and how he manages to overcome the little hassles of life after his mother passed away. It is a very loving and sweet anime that just leaves you content and happy after you watch it. It also has its funny moments, like whenever his bushy browed friend comes in and does his trade dance. To this day I would watch this anime whenever it is on t.v.

Princess Sarah ( Ar: Sally) (1985)

I found this anime really depressing. The anime takes place somewhere in France. The anime starts with rich and high class Sarah who joins a little boarding school because her father is away on a business trip to India. Everything goes downhill once news of her father's death arrives to the school. Sarah's status is immediately dropped from a student to a maid in the school (letterly). Her character is very soft and gentle, not something I like, but she always maintanes her dignity and pride which is something I respect. She goes through a lot of strife and humiliation from her former peers and superiors but her kindness prevails in the end.

Dai no Daibouken (Eng: Dragon Quest/ Ar: Dai Alshoja') (1991)

It is a typical epic action/ adventure anime. It is about Dai and his group of friends who try to defeat this evil lord. This anime teaches bravery and friendship.

Chibi Maruko-chan (Eng: Little maruko/ Ar: Maroko) (1990)

This anime I have actually rewatched with my older sister recently. It was one of those shows that I would sit and wait to see in front of the t.v. This anime tells the story of  a little Japanese girl named Maruko and her hilarious life at home with her family and at school with her classmates. I easily related to Maruko because I had an older sister like her, and like everyone I hated waking up in the morning and procrastinated my homework. She's adorable and fun to watch.

Romio no Aoi Sora (Eng: Romeo's Blue Sky/ Ar: عهد الاصدقاء) ( yr. 1995)

Another favorite of mine. This anime takes place in England back when the chimney sweep children were legal. The lead character is Romio (The brunette) and he gets basically sold to this man to pay off the damage of the farm's fire. The man holds a little chimney sweep business and Romeo starts working for him along with many other children. His friendship grows with Alfredo (blonde boy in the picture), his sister Bianca, and several other characters. Together they go through the harsh realities of life and eventually manage to escape the cruel job of a chimney sweep. I originally thought this was an anime of Romeo and Juliette as a child, but of course, that is not the case. I really love this anime, and the drama it has.

Hope you had the chance to watch at least one of these classics. If not, I hope you can manage to find them.

Kuroshitsuji (Manga)

I should be studying for my finals but instead, I will make this one quick post.

Favorite picture of Ciel Phantomhive

         I just read
Kuroshitsuji and my, oh my, what a beautiful manga. I never knew what a great manga it was! It had everything I desire in stories; strong stable unique characters, a great focused plot, dark ambiance, anguish, tragic pasts and continuous mental and physical suffering of the main/ favorite character. Yet, some light random humorous moments to lift the spirits. It also had glorious drawings, which is a bonus. Something else I loved was it was unpredictable, it had NO CLICHES; there were several surprises here and there which added to the thrill of it all. All these thoughts ran through my man as I was reading the manga,  "This person got stabbed? that person is seriously ill, that person can actually kick ass?! I knew that person was the murderer all along, but wait...what's that?!" and finally "How will they get out of this one now?!"

The more they did that pose, the funnier it got.
         For those who never heard of Kuroshitsuji, AKA Black Butler. It is a story that revolves around a child; Ciel, of a wealthy, prestigious family of England; The Phanomhive, in the 18th century. This child's family was killed at the age of ten and then he was kidnapped for a month by some nobles in which he was tortured and starved. As a last attempt for help, he unconsciously summoned a demon that night and to gain the demon's powers he made a contract with him. Ciel; the earl of England and the Queen's watch dog, traded his vengeful soul in return for power so that he can take revenge on the people who were behind this tragedy. The demon became "one hell of a butler" as a disguise and mean to be at his master's side and aid until the day he gets to devour his soul.
 The readers/ watchers already know this wont end well, and we already know Ciel is not exactly "the good guy"...or "the villain". I suppose the little anti-hero is willing to do anything for revenge. Huh, he sounds a little bit like Sasuke now. I wonder if a Naruto will come to save him!

        How do I say this? I hated Kuroshitsuji; the anime. I watched it in 2007 or so, and then I watched part two in around 2010 or 2009 and I thought it had the dumbest plot. The idea of a demon butler serving this child, was new and interesting and I loved the artwork. However, I hated how nothing made sense in the anime. They showed some flashbacks, but it didn't make any sense. They just ...flashed! and I knew Ciel was in anguish and was looking for the murderers of his parents, but it didn't make any sense. The episode of the Queen was creepy and didn't help one bit. And in the end (spoiler) he should've just died because Sebastian ate his ...why did he become a demon? (spoiler ends) Plus all the characters like Grell, Lady Red, Lao and Elizabeth were so annoying. The amount of fan girls this thing has was annoying, the name pronunciation was the most annoying "seiaru", and "erizabet", pfft! Nothing made sense; it was all for the fan service, is what I thought. I thought this anime is hinting at some perverted pedophilia yaoi fan service just like "Loveless" was doing and I don't like it! The ending was the most confusing, or at least that's what I remember! It was years ago after all.

Season two made no sense, why was ciel even alive, and why was sebastian still chasing after him? ._. and that poor little blondie..I think I watched season two for the abused blondie...NO! back to the point.

I never even considered reading the manga, especially after I watched such a horrible anime version of it....until I was searching for "manga slave" (yes, I'm weird) and came across this picture:

Ciel's slave mark revealed
       That picture took my breath away. Someone trying desperately to hide a slave mark, but he is forced to show it. oooh, how I longed to see the reactions that followed after and I was not disappointed when I did. I was confused to know that that person was in fact Ciel Phantomhive, and that there seems to be this Freckles person tugging at his shirt. "Wait, when was ciel a slave?" I thought. And "I don't recall a Freckles". That's why I started reading the manga. I loved how twisted everything is, how afraid Ciel is, and how uncaring Sebastian really is. I also really loved Sebastian's perspective of the events. "...but he would wake up every night, regardless of the racket. Haunted by nightmares, he would wake up screaming."

Petrified Ciel

        The manga is amazing. It makes perfect sense, and every once in a while it tugs you back to that wretched feeling of guilty pleasure at the sight of a small suffering Ciel in one of his flashbacks. And what was even better, is that it's all PTSD that he is suffering currently that makes it all the more beautiful. The way Ciel clings to his blanket, like a child refusing anything but sweetened milk, as opposing to his composed elegant self. AUGH! It makes me want to read more.

but alas, I've hit the stump. I finished reading chapter 91 and they update on a monthly basis. How depressing.

I've even gotten a tad bit obsessed to the point that I've saved a picture of him as a screen saver and doodled it in less than 10 minutes:


Ciel Sketch #2

A better sketch of Ciel, however, he still doesn't look quite right. He needs to look thinner. This round face makes him look even younger.

I can't wait to see where this will go..
"How beautiful and foolish..." ciel is... By far, my favorite anti-hero.


Homunculus (Manga)

Other than fruitsbasket, I read this manga in my reading week. Sad, isn't it?
I'll make a post on fruitsbasket when I find the time to rummage through the manga and pull my thoughts together.

Mangafox starts the summary of Homunculus by stating that this manga is about trepanation; a procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. While trepanation plays a vital role in this manga, it's not really all there is to it though. This manga is about a homeless man who was once a rich banker. He lives and sleeps in his little car that's parked between a hotel he used to frequently go to, and a park filled with other homeless men. He is caught in between those two extremes, unable to fully reject what he once was, or fully accept what he is now. This is how the manga starts...

The protagonist sleeping in his car.
 This, of course, is not all. The story's plot really stars when a man comes knocking on our main man's car window and asks him to participate in an experiment. The experiment is to drill a hole in the skull of the main character, hence the explanation of trepanation. The psychotic doctor claims that he seeks to understand humans, and that trepanation will allow the person to see things others can't; that it should awaken this "sixth sense".

...and it did...

The psychotic doctor
The main character, after agreeing to this insane procedure, starts to see strange things. whenever he closes his right eye and peers with his left, he sees some people as homunculi. Some people appeared as robots, hidden behind an armor, others as trees, and others as thin sheets of paper. When he reports his findings to the doctor, the doctor explains that not only are these hidden subconscious desires and feelings within that person, but those desires and feelings reflect the main character's subconscious as well. This is when the messed up things begin.

The main character begins to desperately try to find out who he is, and what's wrong with him, and what he is through the homunculi of the people he meets.

Wah, isn't he the cutest?! I must say, I've never seen an animated man drawn with a beard and look so good.

This is a completed manga, that is rated M for MATURE! forget 16, if you're not 18 or older, don't read it. There are many sexual scenes, graphic gory scenes, and mentally psychotic scenes.

The manga is drawn beautifully, as you can see. It is one of the rare mangas that I was barely able to predict while reading it. I was able to assume some events were going to happen, but there are so many plot twists, that it just hit you as one shock after another. The genres for this manga are MATURE!, psychological, mystery, and I would also say some dark ambiance.

Spoiler about the ending:
Let's just simply say, that if a normal person had super powers, this is probably how he would end up.
The ending was not all that disappointing, but not all that satisfying either. I wouldn't call it a tragedy, but it's definitely NOT a happy ending. It just ends.

Comment what you think if you've read it,

Rainbow (Manga)

I don't know why but every time I finish reading a good manga I feel empty as if I have some void I need to full fill.

I suppose gamers can relate after finishing a good game, or others can relate after watching a really good series.
It's even worse when there is no closure, or no ending/ has not updated (yet).

I've recently read Rainbow and let me tell you, while it isn't sexual, it has mature content. They don't show genitals, but they do (for example) show assholes in an extremely disturbing way!

Regardless of this, It is a really good manga, but it IS NOT FULLY UPLOADED YET. It depicts the time right after the nuclear bomb hit japan. There's a lot of anger towards system, towards the Americans, and most importantly there is a lot of corruption due to poverty.

this story is about 6 boys who go to reformatory for "crimes" they have committed. Those 6 boys enter share a cell with a seventh slightly older boy( An-chan). He becomes somewhat of an idol, an older brother to them. They each have problems that resulted them in being locked up behind bars (mostly theft and violence). Those  7 boys, like the 7 colours of the rainbow, start bonding and reflecting on themselves. Only in the reformatory have they ever established the true meaning of friendship.

The problem is that the reformatory they are in has a psychopath guard that helps the pedophile doctor get "access" to the boys in the reformatory. The guard also happens to absolutely loathe An-chan and constantly try to find excuses to torment him.

Any more than that and I might give out spoilers!
Anyways, this story teaches the value of friendship, perseverance, and hope. It is a little grim because it is extremely realistic; however there are a lot of funny moments. There is rape, there is murder, there is injustice and there's A LOT of fights in the story. This is why it is mature, so don't read it if you're under 16!
Yeah, that explains why I love this manga, plus the art is magnificent and very edgy!

About the characters!

Let's start with the idol of the story. His nickname is An-chan and his first appearance was of him sitting in one of the cells reading a book without a single fuck being given. He is the typical cool guy, no...typical BADASS!. He looks cool, is very calm and collected, friendly, determined, strong and smart.

An-chan with his famous death glare

Second colour of the rainbow is a boy nicknamed Mario. Even though the story divides the focus on them equally, he shines a bit more than the rest. He seems to be the typical protagonist. A little oblivious to his surroundings, extremely honest, filled with integrity, and irrational. ( Don't worry fangirls, he get's hair once released from the reformatory)


Third colour of the rainbow: Biceps. He behaves like the ideal solider really. He is keen on looking after his body, he is also very cool, thoughtful, considerate of his actions and words and uh...Biceps is strong.


The fourth colour of Rainbow's nickname is Baremoto. I forgot what it means, but those glasses indicate what you all assumed. He is intelligent, he's the master mind of most schemes and plans. Unlike the rest, he can be very selfish because he has a hard time trusting others. 

One of my favorite colours: Joe
Joe stands out of the crowd with his blue eyes, and I timid demeanor. He seems shy and peaceful and soft, but he kicks major ass if you trouble his friends. Why else would he be in jail? He has a dumbass dream of becoming a singer though, I don't know why it bothers me. Don't worry fangirls, he too gets hair after some time.
Manga Joe
anime joe
Little twerp over here is Suppon (in the manga). He's the trickster, he's very impulsive, funny, conniving, tricky, self centered, and a compulsive liar. He can also be a big softie too, since he was the first one to act out and help another character in the story before they became friends. I would like to call him the comic relief for his blunt inappropriate outbursts that often result in him getting his ass kicked by the other colours. He does grow hair later in the manga, but never grew in height!

Mario and Suppon fighting over dumb shit again

Last me the least. The gluttonous big fat softie (literally) Kabatsu. He's big in size, all he cares about is food, is extremely caring and got in the reformatory for the dumbest reason. His nickname in the manga means cauliflower"

WOAH! looking through pictures, I've just discovered that there's an ANIME RELEASE OF THIS MANGA.Don't you just love when that happens? OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I can't wait! no, I have to wait until my exams are over! GAH! DAMMIT! I can't!

               So far, it seems EXACTLY like the manga (something I love!) God, if it's exactly like the manga, then...the first episode will be the most disturbing first episode in all animes...followed closely by FMA!

okay...I'll only watch the first episode. and here it is! GAH! could it be anymore perfect!!!! >o<

Rainbow: Subbed episode 1: After the Rain

aww, there are some changes in the anime, very very very subtle ones like they didn't show when Joe was being examined by the doctor. They added that the sadistic guard offers that the kids beat up each other too. Still, most of the details have been there and it's still pretty epic.

Banana Fish (Manga)

A great manga I have just read that's about a gifted 17 year old boy; Ash Lynx. Ash was picked up from the streets as a child and sold as a child prostitute, in which he has later become Papa Dino's (the big shot owner of drugs and child prostitution in New York) personal boy toy. Later on, Ash was given his own 'turf' to rule.
Ash also happens to be taking care of his older brother, who after returning from the Vietnamese war has become brain dead for some reason.
By sheer coincidence, a pursued man falls in the hands of Ash and hands him a viral that contains "Banana Fish" shortly before he was shot to death. Curious, Ash looks into it and discovers that his brother was related to this substance "Banana Fish."
Seeking revenge against the people who have harmed his brother, he decides to investigate Banana Fish, which has led many gangs, the cops, and several mafias to chase after him.
While all of this was happening, A Japanese cameraman and his assistant Eiji have been interviewing Ash and investigating the crime scenes that happen in the streets of New York. Eiji is this typical 19 year old Japanese man, who is intrigued by Ash and has been tangled in Ash's problems. Ash and Eiji soon develop a friendship after they have been kidnapped for holding possession of the vile that contains Banana Fish.
I repeat, this is NOT a yaoi!

Ash Lynx at one of his most vulnerable moments

These twists of events create a wild and daring adventure for Ash and an opportunity to get back at "Papa Dino". For the cops, this is a chance to catch the infamous Ash Lynx and discover the reasons behind several unanswered suicides.

As a result of all of this, many alliances are formed between street gangs, many people make Ash their number one enemy and many people will lose their lives.

The manga starts a little boring at the beginning because they are explaining the past events of what happened to Ash's brother in Vietnam, but it quickly picks up the pace in volume two. It's really interesting and I recommend this to anyone interested in adventure, psychological, mystery and drama stories. It's obviously for a mature audience due to it's adult theme content, but don't worry guys, there's nothing explicit!

This is a Drama, but it is as realistic as a manga gets. many people DIE, so it's also a tragedy. It does have many hilarious moments where I burst out laughing.

Two main characters having a slap off!!

I dislike how there's only like one or two female characters in this whole manga. I mean come on! the WHOLE MANGA! they meet tons of people, cops, delinquents, mafia, assassins, doctors, researchers and journalists. I know this manga was made in the 80's but seriously?

The following is how Mangafox summarized the manga. I think they did a better job than I have, so here:
"Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash's older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa's insatiably ambitious hands--and it's exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer from Japan, to make Ash Lynx's acquaintance..."

Comment below for suggestions, and follow me for more summaries on awesome kick-ass mangas.


Spoiler Alert:

Tip: If you wish to have a happy ending, pretend that volume 18 was the last volume and the ending of the story. Just DON'T read the last chapter. Do take my advice if you want closure.

It was the WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!
I just finished reading it and I am overwhelmed with anger and frustration and hatred and sadness. How dare they! after all that has happened, after all has been solved. THEY FUCKING MURDERED HIM by a stupid hoodlum! He went through shootings, kidnappings, threats, assassins, and even almost through drugs and a 50% chance of survival surgery just so he can bleed to death?! He just took a non vital stab to the stomach and just walked back in the library, sat his butt down, took a nap on the table and BLED to death?! I just wanna say fuck you, fuck the author, fuck the artist, fuck him, fuck the stabber, and fuck the stupid librarian who saw him sleeping on the table and just kept walking. just fuck!
 If they wanted it to be realistic why not kill Ash while he was trying to save his friends? or sacrifice himself or something. Why did he just have to give in to death. It is literally as if he lost interest in life and just sat there, happy that his friends are now safe. It's as if he wanted Eiji's safety and the revenge against those who have harmed him so that he can rest in peace.

Everything, EVERYTHING was amazing, until the last 5 pages.