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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Naked (Manga)

The title is extremely misleading, but that's the name of the manga!!

Naked is a manga of three volumes. Each volumes is about a chapter in the lives of Ayumu, a kid whose chores absorb most of his time, and Chihiro, a physically abused and neglected child who steals for a living.

In here, Ayumu (blondie) is having a flashback

The first chapter is of how those two boys met and how they became best friends.

In the second chapter a third protagonist; Mitsuki, is introduced. The problem this time is that Mitsuki's father wont let her box the way her deceased brother used to.
The boys later on befriend the hostile girl and help her out.

The third and final chapter is more like the epilogue. It deals with Ayumu and his first love, a pianist. In this chapter, the kids have grown up and matured a bit. Although it's more centered on Ayumu's perspective, it also reveals the aftermath of  Chihiro's life.

I personally didn't like the last chapter when you compare it to how awesome the first chapter was. But that might be because I'm personally more interested in topics like child abuse and friendship ten times more than that of love!

The story is very realistic, and is viewed from the simple minds of children.

Why it's called naked? I'm not entirely sure. I think it might be due to how each child in the manga reveals their most vulnerable self in each chapter.

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