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Monday, January 2, 2017

Can't Hear, Can't See, but Love (Manhwa)

This manga, brace yourself, is about a manhwaka (manhwa artist) who is currently taking care of his mother who suffers from Alzheimers. The problem here is not the mother, it's the fact that he is slowly becoming blind in the process. However, he does befriend Sori, a deaf woman who is a fan of his manhwas, along the way and that is about all I can say so that I would not spoil it.

This Manhwa and Webtoon is actually interesting. As you should already know, I'm very fond of struggles and hardships main characters endure when I'm reading manga. I will often look for any type of major disability or abuse or suffering be it physical or emotional that a character endures and hopefully overcomes. I can't help being a fan of drama and psychological genres.
However, there is also a lot of comedy in this manhwa here that had me grinning and I do fancy a good comic relief.

Likes and dislikes about this manhwa... a lot
It started out great, it was very emotional and the speed of the plot was good. I even teared up a bit at a certain scene because I have a history of Alzheimer's on my mother's side and I do fear the day she starts forgetting me. So, I can relate to the author a bit on this side. I also liked the characters, they were not the typical man brave, woman needs saving mentality many mangas have which I loved. I also loved how violent Sori was!

The ending was rather confusing. I was not upset or satisfied by it. It just there was a lot of unnecessary drama half way through the manhwa which were not properly explained. I mean, why is he suddenly ill? and the ending makes zero sense. Absolute nonsense. Somehow his mom is also looking for him alongside a friend, and bastards that hate him try to help him suddenly. I mean..come ON!

This manga is a little cheesy to summarize it, yet might still make you cry and laugh.


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