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Friday, June 9, 2017

Bastard (manhwa)

"People often refer to kids who don't listen to their parents and rebel against them .....


I finished reading Bastard by Young Chan Hwang and Carnby Kim. In short, LOVED IT.

Jin Seon from Bastard
The genres I believe include horror, psychological, and drama. I also finished it within three days, so it really isn't that long.

The story is your typical emo looking 17 year old student, Jin Seon, the bottom of the food chain in his school. Jin Seon is also the son of a rich CEO.

The story's plot twist is that Jin Seon's dad is a serial killer....and he's the accomplice. He lures the women in, or plays some sort of role in this charade, and sometimes he participates in some of the action.

Jin Seon from Bastard Ch. 0

However, Jin Seon is slowly rebelling against his father. After meeting the new transfer student Kyon, she becomes his very first ever friend, the first person to ever genuinely be happy to see him. At the same time, his father chooses her as a target.

 Now Jin Seon is caught between disobeying his father and risk the consequences of those actions, or participate in the murder of his very first friend. And it's just a matter of what is he going to do to get himself out of this situation..and ultimately, this toxic lifestyle.
Is he going to become just like his father? Will anyone believe him? Is he going to be locked up? Is he going to lose his sanity? Will he lose Kyon? These are all thoughts I had as I read the manga.

This manhwa, I will actually give a 5/5 for the fact that it was just about everything I would like in a comic in terms of art, plot, character development, turmoil, realism, and plot twists.

The plot twists were not the very best but there were a few moments where I was in disbelief. Many moments where I wasn't really scared, but I was very tense and I just kept mumbling "Ah, shit" to myself over and over as I scrolled through it.

And while it is a horror, there are some funny moments and some very heartfelt moments as well. For example, Jin Seon is rather sheltered, often ill, and mostly caught in his thoughts. So, when he finally made a friend he had the audacity to ask "What the heck is porn?" Have fun explaining that to a 17 year old! Never mind the fact he didn't know what sex was at that age. I mean I know you have better things to worry about, but....

Tell me what you think of it!


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