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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Birthday (manga)

If you like short and bittersweet stories, I recommend Birthday for you.

Takashi (top & left), Koyama (right bottom)

The story is centred around the encounter of two boys, the relationship they develop, and the everlasting impact they leave on one another. The manga starts with Koyama, a high school delinquent, who "fell off" the roof and ended up hospitalized for injuries. This is where he meets Takashi, a bright boy his age, yet acts and talks like an elderly man.

Kuro Koyoma from Birthday

At first, their contradictory personalities conflict with one another, but seeing as how most of the hospital ward was filled with elderly, they began talking more and confiding in each other. They both revealed what they most envied about one another; family and health.

Since the manga is only two chapters, I can't say more without spoiling it. However, it is a rather bittersweet manga that will honestly make you feel rather melancholy near the end.

Spoiler Alert:

This is actually a romance/ shounen-ai/ BL. And it's also a tragedy, so I'm sorry.

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